This is not about being trendy, this is about basic nutrition and health for your pets.

Most Pet Food out there is basically the same as a person eating cheap canned food or fast food every day. What kind of health problems would that person have during their lives?

The same is true for an animal that has to eat food that is very low in nutrition and quality.

Look at the ingredients on the back of pet foods. Remember that the first listed ingredient is the majority, and each ingredient is slightly less in volume or weight in descending order. Corn and Wheat cause allergies and ailments and are hard to digest.

What some companies do however is to count the weight of the product before cooking, so they might name chicken as the first ingredient, but that was before cooking, and since it might be 80% water content, after cooking it this might go down from #1 to #5 on the ingredient list.

“Hills Science Diet “pet food allegedly does this and has been accused of doing this, they also use a lot of by-products.

Ask your vet what the by-product in Hill's Brand Dog Food is.

If the Vet's answer is vague, you have your answer.

Vets are NOT trained in Nutrition. Only in giving medicine for the possible harm Bad Pet Food has done to them.

Vets who receive funds by companies to sell their product.

These Vets are merely vendors making a profit off of selling this product to you. Like Hot Dog Vendors. Imagine how healthy you would be if all you ever ate was hot dogs, breakfast, lunch and dinner….hot dogs, hot dogs and more hot dogs!

If you eat a one-a-day vitamin with all those hot dogs every day, will you be healthier?

The first ingredient should be meat, followed by potatoes or brown rice, fresh veggies, whole eggs, fresh fruit, supplements. Basically what you would eat, if you find questionable things, don’t buy it.

Not Corn (tough to digest for dogs) not fillers, not dried food items, not by-products, which could be anything that is not fit for use or consumption, it could be rendered rotten fat, etc.

The list to the right are makers of quality pet food, based on their ingredient list on the back of the product, you may save money on vet bills and your pets may live longer if they eat better food.

Just like you would yourself by eating some healthy items as opposed to fast food 3 meals per day.

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Pet Food Information and Reviews

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Pet Food Reviews


Excellent Dry Food

EVO - Instinct - Orijen - Taste of the Wild (TOTW) – Solid Gold (“barking at the moon” brand only)

Above Average Dry Food

Before Grain – California Natural - Canidae – Fromm – Innova – Natures Variety – Timberwolf

Good Dry Food

Acana – APD – Arden – Artemis – Blue Buffalo – By Nature – C & P’s – Chicken Soup Lovers Soul -  Natural Balance – Performatrin Ultra – Solid Gold - 4Health – Wellness


Excellent Canned Food

California Natural - EVO

Above Average Canned Food

Fromm – Go Natural – Instinct – Natures Logic – Natures Variety - Wysong

Good Canned Food

Artemis – Canidae – Chicken Soup Lovers Soul – Eagle Pack - Evangers – Evolve - Innova – Lick Your Chops – Merrick – Nuera – Solid Gold – Spots Stew – Wellness


Advance – Alpo – Beneful – Chicopee – Diamond – Eukanuba – Hills Science Diet – Iams – Kibbles ‘n Bits – Nova – Nutrience – Pedigree – Purina

Question: Why do companies make bad pet food?

Because they make a huge profit when they put junk into a package and sell it to you. So feeding your pets by-products is making them filthy rich. The good pet food companies might make a 20% profit. Your pets might be healthier, so you save on Vet bills and they may live longer if you give them good pet food.

Is your Vet recommending a certain product? Ask questions before you buy.

Example: first ingredient is Chicken by-product. Ask what a by-product is and then ask why it’s better than real chicken? Why is any ingredient in there beneficial and how? Do not accept vague answers!

Note: For an in-depth analysis of Pet Foods Google search “Pet Food Analysis”.

Hawaiian Dog & Cat Village Disclaimer: everything written here is an opinion only, based on reading the nutritional information provided on the back of each of the above mentioned pet foods, by the pet food companies, and by research on pet foods.