Los Angeles County with a population of over 10 Million euthanizes about the same number of pets as the Big Island of Hawaii with a population of 186,000.

Or slightly more than Maui  with a population of 160,000.

L.A. County did this by bringing local shelters together to drop their ego's and put animals first.

They helped change laws.

They helped to partner with all the private shelters in order to put animals before their differences in opinion.

Hire Caring Shelter Directors

Animal Shelters with low euthanasia rates hire capable Directors who have empathy towards animals, and not people who make excuses.

Help Change Laws to Save Pets

The pet you drop off at your local 'Humane Society' may have a 60% to 75% chance of being euthanized when you live in Hawaii.

Do not give a pet the hope of a long and happy life, only to be abandoned when they least expect it because that Pet has suddenly become 'inconvenient'.

One minute that Pet is happy to be with the family they love, the next moment they are stuck in a strange cage surrounded by other scared animals who are now on death row.

Imagine if you woke up one day, back when you were a child, your parent brought you to a locked cage, and left you there and did not come back. This happens 30 to 40 times a day...on every Island.

Aloha Spirit for all

One back yard breeder can cause thousands of pets to be euthanized every year.

Buying pets from Back Yard Breeders helps enable a high euthanasia rate because they are not spayed or neutered.

People who buy pets from that back yard breeder may also decide to back yard breed themselves and the number of euthanized pets grows exponentially. 

The Euthanasia Rate at Hawaii Humane Society Shelters has hovered around 54% to 76% for decades. 

This means that up to 3 out of 4 pets that are dropped off at the 'Humane Society' can be euthanized very quickly.

Partnering Shelters

Changing Minds

Your Pet will never abandon you


Hawaiian Dog & Cat Village

Our Mission: To provide a happy life for abandoned, abused and stray pets in a stress free environment. To help put an end to euthanizing dogs and cats that are perfectly healthy.